Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Clothing..... Shoes...... Gloves...... Hammers.....Mallets.....Saw blades.......Angle Grinders.....Bandaids..... Pain Medications......

So Thursday we fly.

As Bob and I get packed up for our little adventure'?' we are filled with anticipation. Do we have what we need. Is there anything else we can fit in? Are we up to the task?

I know Dave and Samantha are all packed and ready. The Reeds are not. We haven't left central Illinois and we are already behind. At our age, that's not surprizing, hence the pain medications :>) as we struggle to keep up.

Excitement is building as well. These new pictures of our destination were just posted, so I thought anyone following us would like an idea of where we'll be spending alot of the next two weeks.
Keep the orphans and widows of Zambia in your prayers tonight.

For His Glory.
Enter My Father's House
Village of Hope
Location of our Camp Hope
(Zambian school)

Foundation for My Father's House #7 and 8
where we'll be working

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  1. Reading that sign of "Courses Offered" at the Youth Resource Centre...that is awesome.


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