Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good evening. We are here in Zambia and are fortunate to have the opportunity to get online from Samantha's parents home. The guest house where we are staying, has a very weak connection if you sit on the floor a few feet from the office door (so we're told) but haven't seen anyone able to connect.

We arrived after two long flights, with a lovely few hour subway and walking tour of London, in between. All of our luggage and the tools and supplies we brought, made it with us. Saturday we arrived very early in the morning and took a much Medes afternoon nap. After supper, we heard from the Zambian Director of Every Orphans Hope about how God is working here. We also saw some of the 'Mamas' and several of the orphans from one of the homes. They have there first orphan starting at the university soon and he would like to study law and work here in Zambia. He has a sponsor who is covering his tuition here and they are all quite proud of this young man! It was a blessing to see some of the 'fruit' of EOH.

This morning we went to the 7:30am church service. It was a great time of singing and worship. The Pastor spoke on 1 Corinthians 13. Considering that our goal here is to show love to Gods children here, it was very fitting to hear about how we are to truly love.

In the afternoon we spent a short time at a marketplace, much like a swap meet, where everyone wanted you to stop and look at their wares. We bought a couple things from a sweet young lady and then headed out for the day's highlight, Chongwe village, where Camp Hope will take place and where we start working on the next orphan home tomorrow. We got to break up and 'walk through the village with an interpreter. The homes are spread a ways apart and I think we walked between 4-5 miles by the time we were done. We were able to visit many homes and prayed for several blind elderly women. It was a great experience.

Again, I think maybe Jenosted that I might not have Internet available again till next weekend, so I want to keep you updated when I can. Please continue to pray for the team and the people of Zambia.

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